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Thought I would post a question about the finishing on a pine table.  I am wrapping up the sanding and am now contemplating how to finish it.  I think I want to keep it as simple as possible, as its a farmhouse type table.  Thought about just stain and a paste finishing wax.  I have never done any finsishing before and would like advice on any techniques or pros and cons on this type of finishing.  Thanks in advance.

Layne do you have spray equipment? I like a simple sprayed Lacquer finish stain to your choice of color if desired, followed by a lacquer finish. I put this question out to the viewers. Let's see what other types of finishing suggestions you get.

Laney Shaughnessy

I do not have any spray equipment, and i'm on a limited budget.  A spray gun is on the wish list but it will be sometime in the future.

Well given the limited budget and your desire to keep things simple.. Take a look at this video from the Wood Whisperer.  its a simple Poly finish that can be wiped on.

Thanks for the link.   I got the stain done today and going to wipe on the poly a few times over the rest of the week..  Turned out a little darker than I wanted but, am still pleased with the outcome as it is my first project.  I will post some more pictures when i'm finished.


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