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Hi, my name is Dirk and I#m from Germany.

I started woodworking some years ago. My first project was a flower bench for our old flat.

The last two projects were a cat furniture and a name sign for a horse box. The name sign was made from Beech and I encraved the name with a Dremel.

The next project will be a cabinet for under the sink in the guest toilet. I will make it from bamboo.

The only problem is my workshop......... I don't have one. I just store my tools in our little guest room and I work outside, when the weather is good enough.

That's all for now-


I would like to see some pictures of your work.  Again, welcome to the forum, i'm new here too but i'm also new to woodworking alltogether.

Welcome Dirk, thank you for joining the Shop Talk forum. I am looking forward to interacting with you and seeing your posts.

Happy Woodworking,
Laney Shaughnessy
AKA Wood_Jedi
Forum Owner

Thank you both for the warm welcom.  I will post some pictures in the Project Category.


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