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The closet Don


Don Roberto:
Hey guys, my name is Bob, and  I'm a closet woodworker. What I meant to say is, that I'm a hobbyist woodworker and my shop is a single car garage that is not much bigger than a walk in closet. I retired 2 years ago, after 44 years in the British gas industry  ( emergency gas eng'r ). My first love was always working with wood, but I was told by my college lecturer that I would never make any money, (too slow) and as I had a gift for plumbing, that should be my career choice. So finally after retiring, I have all the time in the world to get reacquainted  with my first love, woodworking. If anybody is wondering about  the odd username, may I assure you all that I have never in my life whacked a stoolie, or boosted a shipment of tv's.  The name involves a wedding in Ontario, a stretch limmo and a rather sharp looking Italian suit. Cheers me dears.......

Welcome to Shop Talk Bob. It is a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for Joining the forum. I look forward to interacting with you as well as your posts.

Laney Shaughnessy
AKA Wood_Jedi


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