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Hello Everyone, Welcome to A Simple Design of Ocala's New Forum / Discussion page " Shop Talk" . Here you can share tips/trick/jigs/tools and your projects with other woodworkers like yourself. I hope you all enjoy this forum, and I look forward to building this up to something awesome!

Laney Shaughnessy, Craftsman
User Name - Wood_Jedi

Michael Borg:
I like the forum  Very sweet.

Very nice forum and I will be visiting often. Don't worry about talking too much in your videos. As a beginner, I need all the explanations I can get.  Keep the videos coming!

I'm glad you guys like the forum. And TheLt, lol I will do my best to give as much explanation as possible in the videos. The reason I worried about talking to much, stems from a few comments regarding to much talk, not much, Im glad you are getting something from the content!!.


Michael Borg:
all I can say about talking to much is "You say what you think needs to be said and do what you think you need to do" and other than that Just Be Your Self. They are your videos and if people dont like them they can go make their own or watch roughcut. But that is just my way of thinking.


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