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Unfortunate accidents and Safety Procedures / Safety
« on: March 11, 2014, 12:57:57 am »
I guess no body likes to talk about their own mistakes but we all make them.  Mine is table saw kick backs.  I was working in my shop on my table saw ripping a piece of material.  A friend stopped by to visit and in just a second of distraction the piece kicked back, missed me but struck my friend in the chest.  My apologies did little to ease his discomfort.  When ever we are working with our tools we need to remember their potential for disaster and stay focused on what we are doing.  As we become more and more experienced it is easy to become complacent as we work with our tools.

Woodworking Humor / Re: The reality of being a Shop Owner
« on: March 11, 2014, 12:45:48 am »
This is an old old joke so many may have heard it before but I am going to repeat it.  A back woods carpenter was building a garage and he needed some material so he went to a lumber yard and asked for some 4X2s.  The sales man asked how long he needed them.  The man said quite a while I'm building a garage.  While the man was working on the garage a helper would pick a nail and inspect it and throw it away. he would pick another and use it.  After awhile he guy asked why he was throwing the nails away and the reply was they had the heads on the wrong side.  The guy replied you dummy you use those on the other side of the house. 

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