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Brand new to woodworking here and I would like to share my first project.  It is a farmhouse style coffee table.

Hey Layne Very Nice!! Love the finish... What did you end up doing to finish it? Also I sent you an email on here, about a finishing wax. did you get it?


I used the wipe on poly technique from the video you posted.  I have learned a lot in the past few weeks and, I am interested in improving my skills.  I think the table turned out better than I expected but I find a lot of faults in it too.  I guess there is something to learn from everything you do.

I think the e-mail went to a junk folder and I deleted it without looking.  If you send it again I promise I'll read it this time.

great table. I like this puristic design and the color.

I got the idea from looking at  , she has a lot of simple designs.  I used construction grade pine, a circular saw and, a mouse type sander on this table.  I wanted to see some imperfections in the wood and fit of the construction.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.


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