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I wood like to share my last projects with you.

I have build a cat furniture for our two little ladies. It is made of 19mm MDF and I used biscuit joints. The round part is 10mm bendable MDF.
I covered it all with carpet. The holes between the differnet levels were made with a pluch router with a compass.

The name sign was made from beech and I engraved the letters with the dremel. The edges were routed with an ogee bit. As finish I applied just some oil.

I bet the cats sure are happy with it.  What does the sign say?

Pino is the short for Pinochio .
Graupe is a nickname for an ugly horse . A Very good friend is teasing my girl friend with this nickname.
My girlfriend tought it would be funny to have this nick on the sign.

The cats love it.

Thats funny Dirk, An ugly lying horse!

Nice work on the cat house and the sign.. lol Thank you for sharing this with us.


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