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Steve Ramsey style memorial bench.....


Don Roberto:
My best pal Drew has had a terrible year this year. His dad was diagnosed with cancer in April,  and subsequently he died a couple of months ago. Within two weeks his mum pined away and died also. Fate was not finished with Drew yet,  and two weeks after his mum died he was knocked of his motor bike, breaking both of his legs. During the summer I had built one of Steves benches for my own back garden, and Drew commissioned me to build one for his dad. Sadly Tom died before I had even cut a piece of timber. On hearing of Drew's accident I decided to build a bench as a memorial to his mum and dad. The build was made using 2 x 4's and 4 x 1's and  my trusty kreg jig. The build took two days and along with glue and screws a few tears were shed.  We arrived at Drew's home a day after he had come out of hospital. When he is mobile again he will be able to sit out on his parents memorial bench and hopefully come to terms with everything. This project, although a simple build has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever done, and if it can help my dearest friend  make sense of life's often cruel  tricks then  I will also feel better in myself. Cheers me dears........
Don Roberto.


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